Plain-English Documents

We write plain-English operations manuals, procedures and forms.  An operations manual is a tool kit for capturing business knowledge. As a training tool it ensures that staff can work efficiently and profitably.

We write for small business, multi-branch operations, and franchises.

A good operations manual:

  • is available in e-document format
  • lives comfortably in your intranet
  • is simple, modular, easy to read and easy to update
  • will grow with your business
  • invests in knowledge management and business sustainability
  • is essential to managing your risk.

Plain English – what makes a good procedure?

  • It uses plain English and avoids formal compliance language or QA jargon
  • It is brief and logical, to be easily understood by all staff
  • It shows the links between various processes
  • It is easy to review and change as your business changes.

Why have written procedures?

Only where the absence of one allows unacceptable risk or inefficiency.  Otherwise – why have it?

Good forms and checklists

Good forms and checklists are clear, concise and simple.  Bad forms are boring, confusing and painful to use.  People will use good forms.  eForms can also be used on iPads and tablets.

What is the “hit by the bus test”?

Key staff can leave unexpectedly.  If there are procedures, you survive with little disruption to staff or clients.  If not, their job is re-invented; efficiency decreases; customers wait; and deadlines are threatened.