SiteMap uses standard MS Office software.  No other specialist software or programs are required.

It works as a local intranet or internal web site, and allows staff to instantly click, find and use information, procedures and forms used in your business. It can be formatted by you, to include your choice of layout, photographs, icons, etc. It is intuitive and user friendly.


  • Allows procedures and forms to be grouped logically, depending on staff needs
  • Has hyperlinks leading to related forms, procedures, and external sites (e.g. web addresses, corporate sites, suppliers)
  • Is modular, allowing for growth and change
  • Is quicker to access and update than hard copy documents
  • Allows more security and version control of documents; restricted documents can be concealed or write-protected
  • Is very useful as a training and induction tool
  • Reduces the need for, and reliance on, hard copies.


The SiteMap can be installed on your server to be accessed by staff in the office; it can be accessed off-site through your internet; documents can be received by remote digital users (PDAs), and can be installed on remote site laptops.


  • Front pages are in secure HTML format
  • Information and procedures are in MS Office as Word documents
  • Full-colour graphics
  • Menus and topics reflect the terms and names used commonly by your staff
  • Hyperlinks (e.g. Job Cost Sheet) are coloured for quick on-screen recognition
  • Simultaneous multi-user capability.


  • We provide the SiteMap through our secure DropBox Cloud hosting site
  • With existing Microsoft software, the SiteMap is simple to install, and is ready for immediate operation
  • You may wish to consult your IT advisors if you have special IT system configuration.


As an alternative to placing the SiteMap on your server, we can provide secure and convenient 24/7 access through our Dropbox. Dropbox is accessible online, easy to use and universally available across different systems. A small monthly fee applies.